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13992 Redmond Drive, Huntley, IL 60142 (Neighborhood #25)


Ellen Muradian or Scott Slagle can meet you in your home or the Reading Room at the Prairie Lodge.

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Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 9:00 pm.

Saturday: 8:00 - 2:00 pm.

Sunday: Closed

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Now that our local Centegra Hospital and local Doctors accept Medicare Advantage, ask us about your right of a "1 year trail" with a guaranteed return to the same Medicare Supplement which you left.  

2019 Seminars at the Solarium, just outside Jameson's

By email or USPS, ask for our free report on "Medicare Access Act of 2015".  Click on the "Contact" page.  

"Compare Your Medicare" Plan Rights & Options

  • Part C of Medicare Advantage and Medigap PremiumsComparisons for all 32 approved companies in IL
  • Doctor and Specialist look-up to determine which Networks are accepted.
  • Ongoing assistance with Claims, freeing you up from the confusion and frustration of unpaid claims. 
  • Assistance in finding a low cost "second opinion" Specialist at our new Centegra Hospital in Huntley.

Our Services

Medicare Savings Accounts

"Ellen Muradian saved me thousands with Medicare Advantage, and I still see all my same Doctors".

-AS, Sun City

"Scott Slagle gave me a free report of the less expensive premiums for my Plan F. I switched and am saving hundreds of dollars per year".

-JS, Sun City

We start with your current relationship with your local Family Doctor and Specialist, then identify which Medicare Plan and Part D Prescription Plan is best for your budget and preferences.

Preventative and Diagnostic Testing

Medicare Supplement Plan F to be terminated

Call Us:  (224) 717-1000


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Learn about all your choices, including premiums, copays, and networks. Call 224-717-1000 to reserve your seat. Bring your Sun City Neighbors!  

Calendar Year 2020 Cash Payments will be announced in June. 2019 "return of your past Medicare taxes" are now $210 per month or $2,520 per year.